Trenchbusters supply machinery for a variety of jobs, some simple and some extremely difficult which should only be attempted by very experienced operators.
Some of our clients include plumbers, electricians, builders, landscapers, drainers, sign installers, swimming pool companies, fencing contractors, shade sail suppliers, and construction companies.

An example of the types of work Tenchbusters provide include:

  • Shifting Soil / Soil Delivery’s
  • Pad Preparation
  • Trenching
  • Moving Brick Packs
  • Back Filling Walls
  • Installing Storm Water Tanks / Leach Drains
  • Paving Preps
  • Post Hole Augering
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Construction of Roads and Driveway’s
  • Preparation of Car Parks
  • Rock Breaking
  • Site Clean-Up’s
  • Demolition
  • Road Sweeper (Bobcat)
  • Soakwell’s
  • Much Much More

At the end of the day if there is a job that needs doing we will find a way. If you have an enquiry, or for a free no-obligation quote please Contact Us.

Trenchbusters has accounts at the majority of rubbish tips and recycling centres in the Perth metropolitan area. This enables us a greater choice of sites to dispose of your rubbish in the most economical way.





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