FAQ – (frequently asked questions)

We do most suburbs North & South of the river. 

There is more information on our Service Area page.

No bin may contain asbestos , car tires, car batteries – car batteries can be placed next to the bin & we will remove them for you – notify office , liquid waste i.e. : petrol , oil or chemicals , any sort of hazardous waste (including food waste), Mattresses, Gas Bottles.  (Should any of these products be found in the bin during tipping then additional charges will apply).

Yes, as long as we have good access with no overhanging tree branches, house eaves or low power lines. This can be assessed on the day of delivery by our drivers (also refer to important information below).

Excluding the 2 metre bin, all our bins have ramps for easy rubbish removal

We are flexible with the time period. It is usually for a 7 day turnaround but we don’t mind you keeping the bin longer if required as long as we know. Alternatively, if you only require the bin for a day or two this can be arranged. However, if it is for extended period, additional charges may apply.

It is difficult for us to advise of a delivery time. 

Delivery depends on a number of factors including how many other deliveries we have on the day and when we will be in your area. If you need a skip bin for an early morning start it is best to have the bin delivered the day before use.

Yes, as long as we have a driveway of 3 metres in width & we can back straight down (also refer to important information below).

With the exception of our 2 & 3 metre bins , all our bins are loaded off the back of the truck.

Should we arrive at your site/address and the bin is overfull we may have to remove some of the materials/waste or we may request this is done by the Hirer, all our bins have a yellow rim around the top and no materials may be above this line as this becomes a hazard to both our drivers and other road users, the maximum weight you are allowed to put into our 2 and 3 cubic meter skip bins is 3 ton and our 4,6,8 and 10 cubic meter skip bins have a maximum weight limit of 12 ton, any materials that have been removed from the bin are the responsibility of the Hirer to then remove from site. 

Click here for more info: Chain of Responsibility 

Payment is on or before delivery of bin. We accept cash , Visa or MasterCard credit cards, eftpos or cheque. A 1.5% surcharge on the credit card does apply. Please use your name as the reference if doing a direct debit. Eftpos payments must be received in our account prior to delivery.

Please note: Vehicles do not have eftpos facilities.

Important Information

All care will be taken whilst delivering and collecting skip bins although due to the weight of the bin and our trucks we will take all care but no responsibility for damage done to drive ways, lawn, reticulation etc, All bins delivered are assumed by Southern bins that you (the Customer/Hirer) have permission/permits if required to place the bin in the location as directed. Any damage that may be done is the responsibility of the Hirer to repair at his/her cost.





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